“Musical brinks” / Equinox (2012)

2012, February 28, 19.00

Chamber Hall of the Moscow International House of Musicv
Program “Musical brinks” is performed by the Moscow Concert Philharmonic Union “Mosconcert”.

«Equinox» is one of the most unique natural phenomena, the symbolic point of equilibrium in space. The authors of the “Musical brinks” try to find a symbolic harmony in music, combining in a single concert compositions of the classical repertoire, created for stage performance, and pieces of music “for other purposes”, namely the music of intellectual cinema.

Elena Tarasova, the author of the project idea says: “The word «Equinox» appearing in the project title was originally its main name, it emphasized project’s main goal – to combine in one program compositions for concert performance and film music, which find here independent non-illustrative life. Perhaps this life isn’t founded, but returned back. At least Nino Rota’s suites and Astor Piazzolla’s opuses created for Italian cinema are amazing and interesting by themselves, and they are able to find their concert “niche” among the compositions of composers of the XX century … “.

In the first part of the concert well-known Debussy’s, Poulenc’s compositions and two repertory rarity – composition by I. Stravinsky “Circus polka for a young Elephant “ (1942) and opus by Jean Francaix will be played which deserves special attention. Suite of Франсе “L’Heure du Berger” is the life sketches of Parisian cafes, witty descriptions of the three types of people whom a composer watches. In the first part (“Les Vieux Beaux “) instruments “turn” into the elderly dandy who sighing remember the old good days. In the second part (“Pin-up girls”) graceful graces author depicts flirtatious ladies whom are discussed by admirers. In the final part (“Les petits nerveux”) all of the instruments “rush” as children easily and quickly until they are caught by adults.

In the second part, there will be the musical compositions from films of Marco Bellocchio “ Enrico IV” and Fernando E. Solanas “El exilio de Gardel (Tangos)”, as well as music Nino Rota and Nicola Piovani to the films of Federico Fellini (“La Strada”, “Ginger e Fred”). From the story of the compere listeners learn about the work of these composers out of film’s activity, their intersection with the world of classical music. For example, Astor Piazzolla took piano lessons at S. Rachmaninov, performed his compositions with M. Rostropovich, and Nino Rota has reputation of prodigy even at Conservatory, having proved himself as a composer and conductor.

Maria Bakoun, project coordinator, says: “At the project “Musical brinks/ Equinox / “ we invited Alexandra Maslovskaya for cooperation, a talented young composer from St. Petersburg … Symphonic Suite from music to movies of F. Fellini “La Strada”, “Ginger e Fred” is a rare guest on the Russian performance stage. Alexandra Maslovskaya has the responsible and interesting work to shift one of the scores for the new Chamber of performers … “.

Alexandra Maslovskaya, the composer, says: “I am interested in this work in terms of cooperation with Moscow musical world in fair professional concern. I wanted to touch the music of the great classics of Italian cinema and a new genre of film music for me. After all, the music of Italian cinema includes two traditions: on the one hand, it’s the tradition of serious classical music; on the other hand, it’s the qualitative performance as it was in the middle of the 20th century … “.

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