Festival “110th anniversary of the birth of Francis Poulenc” (2008-2009)

December 25, 2008 – April 25, 2009

The Mover and art director – Elena Tarasova

Project Management Group:

Elena Tarasova, Sviatoslav Golubenko, Natalia Renyova

The project is supported and sponsored by:

Ministry of the Russian Federation Culture,

Moscow State Conservatory named after P.Tchaikovsky

Moscow Concert Philharmonic Union “Mosconcert”

French Embassy in the Russian Federation,

Французского культурного центра,

French Cultural Center,

radio station “Orpheus”

Publishing House “Classic XXI”,

Company «Oriflame» (independent distributor – V. Katkova).

Media Partners:

Tv channel “Culture”, the radio station “Orpheus”, the newspaper “Music Review”, “Nezavisimaya Gazeta», «Da capo al Fine», «Russian musician”, ” Tribune of the young reporter”, magazines “Musician”, “Philharmonic”, ” Planet of Beauty “,” Student’s Meridian. ”

Information main partners in the Internet

Partners in the Internet:

Web forum “Classic”, the portal of the Moscow Conservatory, “The Russian musician 2.0”, channel of the Moscow Conservatory on the site, online magazine “Florestan”.

Venue of the concerts:

• Fifth Studio of the Broadcasting and Recording State House

• Concert Hall of the Musical Culture State Central Museum named after Glinka

• Concert Hall at the Cultural Center named after Tchaikovsky

• Concert Hall of the International Centre-Museum named after Nicholas Roerich

• Concert Hall of the Museum named after Alexander Scriabin

• Concert Hall named after Myaskovsky at the Moscow Conservatory

• Small Hall of the Moscow Conservatory

• Hall of the French Cultural Center (photo exhibition)

• Showroom “Khodynka” (photo exhibition)

• Chamber Hall of the Moscow International House of Music (Gala Concert)

Concerts of the festival can be listened to on the radio station “Orpheus”.

Project Goals and Objectives:

• Promotion of French music in Russia

• Creation of more complete Poulenc’s work observe for Russian performers and listeners

• Play of rarely played Poulenc’s works

• Add-on of the concert repertoire of the performers

• Forwarding of the score’s copies (all copyrights are observed) and audio recordings of the festival concert programs to the Library of the Moscow Conservatory and music library for later use in scientific and educational purposes

• Audio Broadcasting of all concert’s programs of the classical music festival on the radio station “Orpheus” with the aims to promote little-known sides of Poulenc’s creative heritage.

Press Release:

On January 7, 2009 110 years have passed since the French composer Poulenc was born. There is a round of nine concerts had been arranged by this date and the analogues of them didn’t exist in Russia. Substantial part of musical Poulenc’s heritage will be played, which includes a lot of works unknown in our country.

The organizers of the project consider it is necessary to present these compositions to public in Moscow and potential future performers because music of these compositions is valuable for art and interesting for performance.

An important aspect of this project’s work is to allow the further study of little-known Poulenc’s works in Russia. Copies of the scores and claviers ordered at publishers Salabert and Eschig will be transferred to the fund of Scientific Music Library named after S.Taneyev at Moscow Conservatory for use only in for scientific and educational purposes observing all copyright laws.

There are young but already famous musicians, winners of international competitions, soloists concert organizations in the cast of players.

The project is supervised by leading professors of the Moscow Conservatory:

Tigran A. Alikhanov (Rector, Russian National Artist , Professor)

Elena G. Sorokina (vice-rector for research and creative work, Honored Artist of Russia, Professor)

Sergey L. Dorensky (Russian National Artist , Professor)

Margarita I. Kravchenko (Honored Artist of Russia, Professor)

Ekaterina M. Tsaryova (Honored Artist of Russia, Doctor of Arts, Professor)

Vladimir P. Tchinaev (Head of the Department of History and Theory of Performance, Professor, Doctor of Arts)

This project will be a genuine cultural event in the Moscow musical life and it shows diversity of Poulenc works for listeners and performers. It becomes a logical continuation of the preparation and celebration of the Year of France in Russia.


• Viatcheslav Valees (conductor)

• Sergey Eletsky (clarinet)

• Vitalii Nazarov (oboe)

• Ilya Gaisin (violin)

• Boris Lifanovsky (cello)

• Elena Tarasova (piano)

• Igor Eryomin (baritone)

• Sviatoslav Golubenko (flute)

• Evgeniya Chepikova (flute)

• Yulia Karakasiyan (soprano)

• Xenia Odintsova (soprano)

• Elena Liberova (soprano)

• Ivan Sokolov (piano)

• Evgeniya Krivitskaya (organ)

• Pavel Tchannikov (photographer)

• Alexey Kudriashov (piano)

• Karina Magakian (piano)

• Wind Quintet «Modus Vivendi»
Petr Tishkov (flute), Anastasiya Tabankova (oboe), Nikolay Ageev (clarinet), Natalia Belova (French horn), Ilya Kashtan (basson)

• String quartet «Rusquartet»
Anna Snezhina (violin), Anna Yanchishina (violin), Xenia Zhulyova (viola), Alexandra Negodaeva (cello)

• String quartet «Dolce- quartet »
Olga Kuzmina (violin), Anastasiya Yakushina (violin), Emilia Galkovskaya (viola). Mariya Grishina (cello)

• Symphony Orchestra of State Musical Pedagogical Institute named after M. Ippolitov-Ivanov
Conductor – Viatcheslav Valeev

• Chamber Orchestra «ARPEGGIONE»
Conductor – Valentin Uryupin

Art Director – Nikolay Shugaev

• Contemporary Music Ensemble of State Music Pedagogical Institute named after M. Ippolitov-Ivanov
Artistic director – Mariya Khodina

With the participation of:

• Dmitry Tolpegov (trombone)

• Leonid Gurjev (cornet)

Guests of the festival – piano duo Vadim Holodenko – Andrei Gugnin.