“In Search of Beauty. Experimentum” (2014)

This project is designed to make us feel that we can just be. Be and not run somewhere. Just be and contemplate. Be and sense the atmosphere, feel the Beauty, hear time. In the age of speed, computerization and fast improvement of internet technologies, it is important for a person not to get lost, not to lose the ability to hear, to feel deeply, to perceive and understand beauty, that is, to remain a Human Being.

«In Search of Beauty. Experimentum»
April 19, 19.00. Scriabin House Cultural Innovations Center.

The project “In search of Beauty. Experimentum” is an attempt to present the genre of concert as a multidimensional space for synthetizing various artistic directions; it’s an experimental synthesis of multimedia technologies, dramatic recital and performance of pieces of one of the most interesting composers of the 21st century, Pavel Karmanov.

“The modern can become eternal if it carries within itself large issues and deep ideas…”, K. S. Stanislavsky used to say. In the complicated disharmonious modern world, Karmanov discovers for us afresh the tenderness and the beauty, rejecting the dissonance, and chooses harmony as the most important and eternal means to transmit deep internal feelings. This search for beauty and the discovery of it, which for the composer become almost a goal in and of themselves, let us synthetize his music with the sublime literary work of our contemporary who has been named “the last Renaissance man”, Tonino Guerra (1920-2012). The books by Tonino Guerra, the excerpts of which will become the literary framework for the spectacle-concert, are unanimously acknowledged and beloved by the global community. They entrance us with their depth and the subtlest poetics, amazingly delicate and new for our disharmonious century, and become more and more close to the pantheon of the immortal eternal classics. Looking at yourself, at your imagination, a journey down the memory lane, through the pages of life, discovering yourself through a long spiritual quest, a journey to the world of fantasies and dreams, steady return to Beauty and Love, an appeal to a differing understanding of life – this is the range of themes of works by Tonino Guerra, chosen for the concert.

In the Experimentum project two paths of searching for Beauty will meet.The sublimity of Guerra’s creative work, his sincere tone of a private conversation with his reader, the poetical transformation of the modern life and the musical lines of Karmanov will work together to create a new concept of dialog understandable to the audience, sincerely engaging and opening their souls to something beautiful, true and at the same time very simple. “Join together – this way it’s easier to save beauty” (Tonino Guerra).

The list of participants in the project includes winners of international contests, young performers from Moscow concert organizations Asya Sorshneva (violin), Ekaterina Belaya (violin), Regina Shteinman (alto), Viktor Khotulyov (flute), Olga Dyomina (cello), Andrey Dubov (piano), Elena Tarasova (piano), Valeria Borisova (harp). Excerpts from the works of Tonino Guerra will be read by Valery Ushakov, an actor of the E. Vakhtangov State Academic Theater.

Author of the concept and the art director of the project  –  Elena Tarasova.